Keeping Sane and Stylish at Home

Keeping Sane and Stylish at Home

March 26, 2020

ICONS, I just stumbled on a meme showing women being slurbs while at home. I was like this better not be my ICONS. Lol


So Just Incase you are one of them (Side Eye).. I wanted to offer some tips on looking good in a none stressful way. I know there is a lot gong on.. The Partner, the kids, or maybe job insecurity or stress. But as we said during the good times “Thank God I don’t look like what I have through”. Let us Apply it now.


I have tried to put together pieces most of us already have in our closet. 


1.Your Hair: Bad Hair, not in the mood to wear a wig? Grab one of your scarfs lying around and tie up your hair. Makes you look put together instantly.


2.Earrings: There is something elegant and effortless about earrings that adds an instant glow. Gold or Silver is perfect.



3.A Kafatan Dress: Instant Outfit and you still have your freedom and look fabulous. 


4.Shorts and T shirt: This is my fav. Just make sure it is pressed, wrap your hair, wear your earrings and boom. T shirts with graphics are always cute.

5.Gym Outfit: If you have one of these lying around J… You don’t have to use it for its actual purpose, just put it on for instant fabulousity.


 I hope this helps with outfit ideas while you are home. It won’t solve all your problems but I know for a fact looking put together can really boost and lift your spirits. Stay Safe ICONS.. Please stay Home if you are not an essential worker.


Love Always,




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