Be the Best Dressed wedding Guest

Be the Best Dressed wedding Guest

July 23, 2017 1 Comment

So I am used to going to only one type of wedding, glamorous black tie wedding. So earlier this year when  A dear friend of mine invited Mr ICON and I to her wedding with a casual dress code,i freaked out.

 This was my first wedding this year and since the baby was born. As you can imagine, this created some level of anxiety, also as Chief ICONIC officer, I put unnecessary unrealistic pressure on myself.

The invite indicated the wedding would be a casual wedding reception, as it was going to be a casual affair, I opted to leave my usual "team Over dressed" slay which is always appropriate for a Nigerian wedding :). The problem was, I had never been to a "casual wedding " before and had no idea what to do. 

I finally figured it out and wore a gorgeous wrap dress from Nigerian designer "Bella K". Going through this process has inspired me to share appropriate outfits for different types of weddings 

 There are different types of weddings and I will be sharing what I think works best for an ICON to be on the best dressed list.

Rustic Wedding:

Something simple, flowly will be perfect for this occasion. For an ICON, that would equate to our Jenna Dress. It is simple, soft fabric without too much fuss... 

 Black Tie Affair:

For this I would suggest our Goddess Dress, it has a hint of white in it, but not too much to overwhelm or upstage the bride.

Formal Wear:

Uhhhh, now this is my sweet spot, and probably the most requested type of wedding. And we have options. For this season, the Rose dress is your togo outfit. It exudes class, confidence, and style. You will be sure to turn heads in that outfit and it is a great conversation starter. 

 City Wedding:

For the Ultra Modern bride, a dress with structure will be perfect. my go to dress has to be the "Cure my Pain"






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August 02, 2017

I love the dress so beautiful it is possible to order the same dress because I have a wedding coming soon and would like to be different and beautiful

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