When ICON met Jadore



We have been live for nearly a week now... Yayyyy!!!

So far so good, it has been an intresting learning curve. 

I have gotten to know you girls more, and figuring out the best way to keep you engaged and fabulous.

So I am really excited this week, because I get to work with one of my all time favourite style ICONs and Bloggers, Jadore fashion.

We grew up in the same city, and I have followed her blog for as long as I can remember, she was actually on of my inspirations for setting up ICON's closet because her style blows me away... 

I contacted her and asked if she would be interested in looking at some of our pieces. She happily obliged and gave me tons of invaluable advice.

She will be Styling 2 pieces that i really adore, and hope you do to... Our "Not So Little Black Dress" and .................. (to be continued).

Have a blessed and awesome week Ladies... 

Keep Slaying 









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