Hello and Welcome to the fabulous World of ICON's Closet. My name is Ije Uzor the founder and Head buyer at ICON's Closet.

I am a Nigerian born, British educated,  American marrying fashion lover who hopes to make a difference in the world through fashion.

ICON's Closet is my way of combining my two loves, fashion and entrepeurship. 

  1. I wanted to set up a platform for the modern woman looking for unique pieces sourced from different parts of the world at an affordable price. 
  2. I have always wanted to take nothing and turn it into something beautiful and unique that I can leave for my children as a legacy of dreams coming true, through hard work, determination. ICON's Closet is a very small part of a very big dream that I hope I can share with the world, introducing unique and new ways to shop for the modern woman. 

This is not my first fur-aye into fashion or entreprenueship, but I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful story that will be told through this platform.

Please join me as I experience, the highs, the lows and everything in between of being a fashion entrepreneur.

I will share my style, inspirations, as well as the story of so many amazing people going through the same process. 





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